The cold season, please forgive my leave

Tonight, the garden shake the branches like spring breeze, the pear falls on the brow. The time has been wasted, the dream Confidante is empty. Unfortunately, who can handle him? Perhaps, most, such as this Haomiao enpachenille embroidery, as gone with the wind, roaming in the unknown the remotest corners of the globe, no longer meet!

Remember your fingertips touch the gentle, is I have seen the most reluctant dream. Also remember you gently back and smile, is I most unforgettable. I experienced from the beacon of the helpless, let go of your hand, alone in the lonely life in a day.

I don't know, waiting for who? Love is the beauty of the flower, in your tattle and prate, gone with the wind. And with your heart, and my heart is tired. Love is meager, Acacia into ash, red drunk, sing sing, back, but unable to write, this all right and wrongPublic Cloud.

Sleep in the swing of the night, who can sleep without you? Wake up in the midnight silence desolate winter, who can accompany who until dawn? Use this loaded with too much memory thoughts, repeating yesterday's plot. And that the fleeting time, take away the dust fog. If the clouds leisurely days, still will remind some broken memory, clear it so obviousDBA Hong Kong.

Once wandering in the whirlpool of love, not before, because met Confidante beauty, blood. Often in the quiet of the night writing, those who were across the fundus of Can Xue, embedding a paper into poetry.

Wind was blowing, blowing past melancholy, let me be full of worries for the sweet time yesterday. Some people find it difficult to forget, some feelings indelible. If it is destiny, why let I embarrassed? If that is the end, why let me sad?

Boring wind did not sleep tonight, 'emotions more obvious. How could such a poor! Infatuation absolute return was desperate experience. This is staying? Is stupid? Or stupid?

Silent night, all is no want to read. The past with the smoke, blurred my sight. The past has been lost, in this life the most bitter season. Inability to miss, why, can't accompany me forever.

All the original, I just only one party is willing.

When you become my memories back, I have been waiting years old. Not in sad, not confused, because I will be your face away. To my sunset sunset, tea memories, I will remember you?

When you become my memories back, I have been wandering alone in the wind. Don't miss, not in the memory, because my heart has gone with the wind. Let this worry still meet in the initial, brushed my dream interest.

When you become my memories back, I have to understand what is the ending of the drama. Not alone, not lonely, because I only love has been lost in the wind. The cycle of seasons, one winter, I already know how to forget.

When you become my memories back, I have put away all the emotions. Not in the infatuation, not in the pictures, because I have been waiting at the next intersection. When you have not in place, not in your footprint.

When you become my memories back, I will have a diary with a fall. Not in the naive, not the silly, because I have been gathering dust in the past. Even I do not know where you can happy life, at least, I don't have bitter memories.














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